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MediCupping technique combined with massage is like getting MaryAnne’s massage on steroids! If you relax quietly, the sedation for the nervous system is almost comatose. Everything is greater or more than you experience in a massage.

MediCupping supports skin, lymph, and fascia (connective tissue).  There’s relief for stubborn restrictions in the connective tissue, including scar tissue.  You may have heard of the term myofascial release.  Yes, this technique releases this type of restriction, too. MediCupping supports the lymph system for cleansing congestion, like opening the drain of a clogged sink. It also encourages healthy skin elasticity. Let’s take each of these three  in the next paragraphs.

MediCupping causes an action that stimulates your skin to produce more of its own elastin and collagen, resulting healthier skin elasticity.  Massage oil,  or lotion is applied to your skin. The machine gently vacuums or lifts and releases the skin into a glass cup that glides across your body.  It’s like going to the gym and pumping iron. If you haven’t been to the gym in awhile, you may need some more work outs before you see greater results. No worries – the response is much faster for your skin to bounce back than the number of gym visits for muscles to tone. In fact, you will probably notice healthy results in your skin tone, the first couple of times you experience MediCupping.

Think of your lymph system as dump truck delivery or garbage removal /waste management. If the garbage backs up, it gets stinky and uncomfortable. So it is with our body. If the lymph system is overloaded, ” it’s like a city whose garbage workers are on strike”(Anita Shannon quote). The body tissue gets congested, swells, and fluid circulation decreases. I like to say, “Nothing good grows in stagnant waters.”

Many medical conditions, six type written pages of them, are caused when the lymph system is overloaded and not functioning, optimally. The lymph system transports fluids with nutrients and debris.  The lymph system has valves that open an close like the wave in a football game as fans stand, wave and sit. The stretching of the skin and bouncing or releasing actually pumps this brilliant, God designed,  recycle  lymph system.

Causes of a sluggish lymph system or inflammation may be:

  • High stress
  • Injury illness toxins
  • Surgery
  • Allergy
  • Little to no aerobic activity, stagnant lifestyle
  • Childhood diseases
  • Repetitive movement patterns i.e. occupation stress

MediCupping decongests the tissue!  The vacuum will create a space for the lymph system to move the debris. It allows drainage of blocked congestion. The lymph then flows to the kidneys/spleen for filtration. Any nutrients are sent to the bloodstream and all waste is sent to the large and small intestines for elimination. Therefore, it is very important to DRINK EXTRA pure WATER, not flavored, when having MediCupping and minimize caffeine. Why? Caffeine is a dehydrator. Drinking extra water promotes healthy elimination, since MediCupping is a form of detoxification.

MediCupping is a form of  Myofascial Release: Myo=muscle, fascia=connective tissue. This connective tissue is elastic in nature. When there is too much stress for the body, the fascia tightens and restricts. With long term  or extreme stress this connective tissue can actually glue together and form crystals. We call this internal adhesion or internal scarring. By the way, the stress causing this may be physical, emotional, or mental fatigue. This is found in occupational repetitive motion injury, for example.  These stubborn restrictions you may recognize as that lump on the inside upper corner of your shoulder blade. No matter how many times you massage it, the lump is still there. There is hope with MediCupping. These stubborn restrictions can improve when combining massage with MediCupping.  When congestion is an accumulation, it takes several sessions for a longer tissue relaxation.

MediCupping has also been known to improve external and internal scar tissue. Many have seen scar restrictions  minimized, greater flexibility,  and tissue puffiness reduced.  Extra benefits to this therapy include the cleansing of debris in the tissue under the scar.

Cupping vs MediCupping.  Massage Cupping is similar, but unlike acupuncture cupping in function. Massage cupping is a gentle detoxification at Calm Relief. Only one or two massage cups are used at a time. Massage cupping glides on massage oil, cream or lotion and may stay in one spot briefly. Acupuncture Cupping uses several cups on the skin at one time and remains for several minutes, drawing old debris to the surface. This debris is commonly referred to as “cupping kisses”, which look like bruises. They are not really bruises. Massage cupping rarely leaves any “cupping kisses “or circular marks  on the skin. 

Calm Relief offers a second scar tissue therapy that helps remove pain from old and new scars.  Many people have received relief from years of sensitivity from a trauma.  Many unexplained restrictions are caused from a scar in a completely different area of the body. For example, when treating a thyroid surgical scar, a clients shoulder restriction of many years was released permanently. It is common to treat scars on the shin of the lower leg and have long term neck tension release.  A woman had a large cyst removed from her shoulder blade area. For two years since the surgery, she could not raise her arm above her head, nor sleep on her shoulder. We treated the scar with MPS Microcurrent Point Stimulation, which took 30 minutes. She regained full use of her arm and can now sleeps on her shoulder.  See the testimonial pag of this website. There are also testimonies on City Search, Merchant Circle, and Google reviews.  A woman came in for post liposuction surgery lymph massage. We later treated a gall bladder removal surgical scar. She had an area on her lower leg that could not be touched without her jumping in sensitivity. The sensitivity was gone after the scar treatment. There’s no guarantee. Some scars do not respond, but many have.

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