Scar Therapy

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Before and after

Below the knee was crushed in a car accident FIVE years prior. A surgical plate and screws left restricting scars with an inability to straighten her knee. The orthopedic surgeon did an amazing surgery for her to be able to walk. This picture shows before and after one session of the longest scar. Notice  how the swelling went down and she could straighten her leg. The inflammatory debris was trapped between the scars and released.

Scar Restrictions may be a hidden cause of pain elsewhere.

33 people were treated with scars in a variety of places. Knee, hip,  back, neck, feet, arms, hands, legs, and feet. After one session the average pain relief was noticed even more after 5 days. After the first session 62.47% had pain relief. After 5 days, 80.82% had pain relief.

59%  experienced pain relief far removed from the scar site.

More mobility less pain

Look at her arm range or motion before and after hip replacement scar therapy.  She reported  back pain and sleeping through the nigh, due to less pain.







It releases:

  • Tension/restriction FAR AWAY and CLOSE to the scar area
  • Blockages  (to open and support natural healing)                  
  • Chronic pain caused by the trauma
  • Hypersensitivity and burning of the skin/scar area
  • Inflammatory debris

What improves?

  • Flexibility and pain diminishes or leaves
  • Lymph cleansing flows
  • Quality of life improves

What’s the cost?

 $73/hr or $50 minimum.  Typically, joint replacement scar care is $73 and only one session.             C-Sections scars require two sessions.
Most clients experience great improvements; but individual responses vary. Therefore scar therapy is not a guarantee. Typically, once the scar has been released, no more SRT sessions are needed.
Releases restrictions

Releases restrictions

How does it work?

Microcurrent Point Stimulation, a Dr. Bruce Hawkins Acumed, Inc. Method   

When there is a scar, the nervous system has been interrupted/ aggravated. This caused pain, inflammation, warm tissue, and blockage of the nerve path.
Nerves are an electrical system and can be treated with electrical stimulation. Doesn’t that make sense?  This method treats and opens blockages by “microcurrent” electrical pulse stimulation, which mimics the gentle, natural, brain signal of Direct Current (NOT plug in the wall/strong Alternate Current). DC vs AC
Normal skin is (-) pole.  Scar tissue is (+) pole from the heated inflammation or trauma. It pulls together with a strong hold under the skin. The hand held micro-current treatment tools have settings to allow the scar polarity to reverse to (-) pole, releasing restrictions in the connective tissue. Nerves travel through connective tissue.
It will still look like a scar. The treatment is not cosmetic. The purpose is for releasing: (a) pain,  (b) pulling of the internal adhesions, and (c) natural lymph system to open under the scar site, cleaning accumulated debris.
The color of the scar may lighten. Puckers may release; but it will still look like a scar! 
You barely feel any microcurrent. It’s subtle! You feel the retractable metal tip in contact with your skin. It does NOT pierce your skin.


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