Cranial Balancing

Two cranial therapies available at Calm Relief.                                          

These are bodywork therapies that target specific results without massage. The length of the session varies depending on each bodies need, but the session does not exceed an hour. This is only bodywork. Upgrades may or may not be available in the online schedule. Therefore, booking upgrades with price and time increases should be made hours in advance.

CSFOD, nicknamed Cranial Lymphatics has been known to provide improvements in:
1. brain function
2. balance
3. clearer thinking
4. motor function mobility (post stroke)
5. reduced head trauma swelling
6. jaw joint flexibility
7. body balance
8. language skills.

It combines the cerebral-spinal fluid, lymphatic, and brain nerve (glial cells) cleansing.

The official name is a mouthful of medical terms: Cranial Structural Frontal Occipital Decompression.

If there is less debris, there’s more room for brain circualtion and nerves to function better.  Right?

Typically you need a series of sessions twice per week to decrease years of brain plaque.
Seniors five sessions ( age 60+)
Others: four sessions

Want the scientific research support as well as testimonials? Contact Calm Relief for a brochure.

Stroke victims improvements from 10 months to five years post trauma have been experienced at Calm Relief, even after physical therapy ended. Results vary. Clients need to be willing to drink lots of water and minimize high sugar/caffeine drinks, like soda, as a prerequisite. A healthy diet is preferred.

Greater results have been received from clients who have faith and get prayer. Science has not yet been able to explain why people with faith, who get prayer, receive greater results; but we have seen this at Calm Relief. It is not required nor suggested; but prayer is available upon YOUR request.

Of course, there is no guarantee and it is not a “cure” for any dysfunction; but there is a history of results at Calm Relief.

CALL CALM RELIEF 1 407 756 4947 BEFORE SCHEDULING A CONSULTATION to see if this service is right for you. Certain medical conditions or medications may not be acceptable.  


Structural Cranial Balancing (SCB) or 
(CSCDR) Core Distortion Release
This cranial work is up to an hour session and does not include massage. You may upgrade to add massage, which will need to be a longer appointment.

CDCSR method  works with the soft tissue where bones come together in your head (skull/cranium), called sutures or joints.
Your head and the temple areas are firmly held with tiny, tension relieving slow movements. It also targets tension relief down the tiny spine supporting muscles. This has a domino effect on the sacrum, entire spinal column, soft tissue, posture and more. Long term decreasing of chronic pain is typical for a list of conditions as well as experiencing more energy, emotional boost and improved athletic performance.

“I experienced several improvements with SCB. My neck and shoulders are not as forward in posture. I can stand straighter and feel taller. My body feels more balanced walking and standing. Even with auto accident scar tissue in TMJ Dysfunction, I have more freedom and correction in my bite or jaw motion.” MaryAnne P.   

Posture improvement with SCB massage

Structural imbalances + ideal balance pictures – courtesy of Don McCann, Former Executive President of FL State Massage Therapy Assoc. and SCB co-developer

Dr.G. Dallas Hancock developed  a method to release cranial stress that successfully allowed hips to balance. SCB method was later co-developed along with the efforts of Don McCann, a massage therapist. This development brings balance to the whole structure of the body.

Conditions typically helped with SCB also include head & shoulder forward posture, other structure imbalances and the following:


Ankle & foot conditions

Acid Reflux & Hiatal Hernia

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Emotional Tension

Fallen Arches


Heel Spurs

Headaches & Migraines

Herniated & Degenerative Discs


Knee Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis

Nerve Conditions i.e. Neuralgia


Plantar Fascitis

Rotator Cuff Conditions

Scars & Internal






Certain medical conditions or metal implants may not be compatible with SCB.    Call 1 407 756 4947 to see if Structural Cranial Balancing is right for you! 90 minute session(s)   A series may be needed to bring your body into balance.

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