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Basic Wellness Massage Sessions

Positional Release  is a gentle calming method to allow a muscle to relax with sustained body positioning and special breathing.  You will experience this bodywork in most Calm Relief basic massages.
Calm Relief got it’s name because pain relief doesn’t have to hurt.

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Just the Spot Massage-30 Min

Firm to Deep Tissue – 60 Min.

Med. Pressure Swedish or Prenatal Massage – 60 Min.

Massage and Bodywork sessions – 75 and 90 Min.

Bodywork compliments massage, but is not actually massage. Positional Release and Stretching are forms of bodywork.  When many spasms are present, more time is needed to allow tension to release in bodywork. Imagine what an extra 15 minutes or half hour can do for your flexibility and completing your expectation.  Experience the difference!

Extend your Calm Relief experience with gift certificates, far infrared hertz frequency light, products, and original instrumental music by MaryAnne Palumbo, flautist.

Oasis Flute CD Album Oasis - CDAmbiance for quiet times,entreating you to come away, drink, and be refreshed!

Call 407-756-4947 for details. $14.97 dropbox download link. S&H is $3 for an autographed CD. Florida deliveries add sales tax. Song titles in order:

Journey, Opposition,  Come Away,  Surrender, Breakthrough, Reflect, Life, Flow,  Calm,   Oasis, Drink, Rest, Refresh, Rise, Overcome, Vision of Home


Specialty Massage

There are times when your body has special needs or medical conditions.  At Calm Relief your wellness massage therapist has special training and equipment to help you at a very reasonable upgrade fee.   MaryAnne can help you decide the service(s) you need.  For some conditions, you may be referred to a choice of doctors or other medical professionals.

Ceramic Wonder Deep Spa Massage

Cranial Sutures Release -Former head or whiplash injury

Cranial Structural Balancing Series -Long term pain and/or posture imbalances

Cranial Detoxification Series –Improved brain function call for details

Far Infrared Flashing Light Therapy -Joints & muscles pain relief

Hot Stone Ceramic Massage -better than hot stone massage

Lymph Massage –Inflammation, and cleansing

MediCupping -Multi purpose vacuum pumping system -video next page bottom right

Pain and Trigger Point Therapy -Neurostim micro-current point stimulation

Senior Posture Therapy  -Painless, quick treatment to stand taller aka psoas release

Scar Therapy  -Restriction and pain release

Tension Release Cranium Holding Points -Specific places on your head are held gently at length to target tension relief  for regions of your body

TMJ Dysfunction Care  -Jaw joint pain relief


Natural Facelift

Offered are two types of anti-aging facials. The Volcanic Ash Facial and The Heat Activated Fruit Enzyme Peel.

Whether you are looking to tighten and lift your skin or prefer a deeper exfoliation, Calm Relief has just the right touch. Of course, some absolutely soothing, stress fading massage is included

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Lymph Cleanse


Lymph Cleanse is a technique also known as Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT).

If you have symptoms of stress, inflammation, fluid retention, pain, or sinus congestion, a lymph cleanse may be right for you.

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Sciatica Care

painful sciatica down buttocks and back of leg

You CAN get out of pain!

There are different locations and causes of sciatica affecting the group of nerves from the backbone that feed the legs, called the “sciatic nerve bundle”. Which one do you have?



painful sciatica down buttocks and back of leg

Do you suffer from temporary or chronic pain?
Do you have areas of dysfunction? i.e. scoliosis. carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
Are you looking for long lasting relief?


MaryAnne Palumbo, B.M.E., L.M.T., C.M.P.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified MediCupping Practitioner, President Calm Relief, LLC.

Former Clinic Director – American Institute of Massage Therapy 2003 . 13+ years experience as a massage therapist, established massage business owner since 2004 est MM18457, Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Association maintaining their standard code of ethics and education. 2003 National Certification by NCBTMB . Maintains the current national educational standards. Lic# MA38837 Speaker, author, flautist, and former music teacher: Bachelor of Music in Education degree from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Also, MaryAnne had a former business career in real estate and the insurance industry. It inspired compassion for people experiencing time sensitive and corporate pressure.

“My philosophy is to support and encourage the God designed body systems for healing by avoiding unnecessary force. There are so many effective techniques to relieve tension.  Finding the right combination of therapies for your improved quality of life is my goal. I believe I was created to be an instrument for healing through music, massage, and upon request – prayer”.  I look forward to serving you with Calm Relief!”

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Watch this brief video clip demonstrating "What To Expect From A Massage Session".

All clients are draped with a sheet. Massages are therapeutic, completely non-sexual. Your boundaries are welcomed and respected. You receive a clear understanding of what to expect in the session and how it will affect your wellness.

Your session, including medical information, is strictly confidential.

Gift Certificates & Products

Gift Certificate available here for purchase Do you need an economical gift? Look at the "30 Min. Spot Massage". It's a great value and a good choice for first timers.

Save Money. Save Gas. Save Trees! Convenient Paperless Gift Certificates (mobile viewable attachments) for that someone special. They bring their cell phone and show the pictured certificate. Yes, you may have paper or paperless. $47 and up - Gift Certificates includes a $2 S &H fee.

There are also unique natural and homeopathic products to consider when making your gift selection. Call for details.

Open Hours

Mon 10:00am-5:30pm
Tu 10:00am - 5:30pm
Wed available-phone only
Thur 10:00am - 5:30pm
Fri 10:00am - 5:30pm
Sat 10:00am - 12 noon

Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card

10-20% is customary and appreciated, but not required. Calm Relief would rather have your business than for you to feel additional financial pressure.


SHORT NOTICE FEE $25 for less than 24 hour notice to CHANGE an appointment. The massage therapist's time is reserved exclusively for your appointment.

Please be on time so you receive your full session time.
Included in your session is five minutes for assessment and privacy to change clothes.

Natural skin products are used. "Organica" professional massage lotion and optional essential oil aromatherapy may be included in your massage.

Calm Relief, LLC