Lymph Cleanse aka Lymph Drainage Therapy

LDT3The main function of this treatment is to reduce inflammation or fluid retention and activate or cleanse this water transportation system known as lymph. It helps open lymph blockages cleanse congested inflammatory and other debris responsible for many conditions as follows:

Before and after surgery, arthritis, swollen ankles, sinusitis, sprains, chronic fatigue syndrome, eye floaters, fibromyalgia, stress, multiple sclerosis, whiplash, COPD, Parkinson’s disease, meniscus pathology, and MANY more conditions.

***Following PLASTIC SURGERY people may gain around 25 lbs of inflammatory water weight, the body posture may change to pull toward the incision. When the incision is below the naval as in abdominoplasty, posture is greatly effected. Your shoulders usually lean forward with an inability to stand up straight. A series of sessions is needed for this surgery as well as scar therapy. There’s hope! Typically, SCAR THERAPY quickly releases restrictions, called internal adhesions, and  allows you to stand up straight.  You may receive both of these services to relieve suffering and improve your quality of life at Calm Relief.

Did you see the before and after pictures link?

Lymph is located just beneath the skin. That is the reason for a lighter touch. No lotion is needed. It is a very gentle repetitive wave action stroke toward lymph nodes. The cleansing results are amazing with decreases in swelling and pain.

Q: What is the drainage part of Lymph Drainage Therapy? Am I going to “drain” on the massage table during session?

A: The drainage part of Lymph Drainage Therapy is noticed after the session. For sinus drainage, there may be a brief to 48 hours of  post nasal drip. For the other sessions of lymph cleanse, it is evidenced with extra elimination in the bathroom.

This gentle work is so calming that many people fall asleep during the session(s).

Some people prefer coming for just a sinus session or  a legs and feet session. Other people prefer a whole body cleanse.

For a wellness (preventative) purpose in maintenance, a whole body series of cleansing is highly recommended once to twice per year. The Calm Relief approach is to cleanse your body gently, a little at a time. A series of three sessions within two weeks will be kind to your body and allow time to cleanse your whole body. This series has a savings price for purchasing three sessions in one initial payment.

  • Session 1: approx 45 minutes.
  • Session 2: hour.
  • Session 3: approx 75 or more


To schedule one session or an economy package of three sessions, appointments need to be scheduled at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. This is a cleanse massage, meaning a healthy diet preparation is necessary to avoid a headache or nausea reaction. For 2 1/2 days avoid red meat, sugar, fried food, and minimize caffeine to almost none. Also, drink 8-10 glasses of water (8 oz. each) for the day before, day of treatment and the morning after treatment.

There was a very noticeable improvement in my eyes following the Lymph Cleanse massage for my sinus area. After my first session, eye floaters and other symptoms decreased a lot. I didn’t know this technique could help eye conditions. I had another session and  my eyes improved tremendously.   It calmed my whole body’s reaction to stress. Wow! – Linda R. Apopka, FL  Aug. 2013

Smartphone? Click here: 1 407 756 4947

Tip to help your lymph system flow freely:

  1. Drink a lot of water ( half your weight in ounces) If you weigh 200lbs. You need 100 0z, water daily.
  2. Elastic in undergarments needs to be comfortable. Tight elastic cuts off lymph flow.
  3. Underwire bras can clog your lymph flow and cause weight gain in the stomach.

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